Our method



It’s a structured method, composed by a string of actions thought to ease the creative process and focused on finding the best solution to a given problem: usually we start from a brainstorming, then we design a solution and in the end we create a mock up.


An approach based on experience and focused on stimulating creativity of the children.

The activities are targeted to switch on in boys and girls passion and curiosity for scientific and engineering topics..

Steam: where A is for art, but also for sharing and sustainability.

Attività “Hands-on” activities where robotics and design join together for a world of innovators and creators.


Learning by “doing”: our method usesdirect experience to fix in mind the informations and/or the guidelines.

Our goal is to bring the children to coordinate thought and action in order to have a more fluid learning experience.


To give children all the tools they need to build their future city, gathering the hints they give us to build better cities.

To do innovation together with companies and public administration, having fun and teaching to the children how to use technology as tool.


Paper City aims to be an useful instrument, that’s why we decided tocollect the needs expressed from the attendees, working them out and offering them to the client.

With this method the data collected can be used for the design of services more useful for the citizen.