Our target


Paper City is at the same time a workshop and an interactive installation designed to be replicabile in multiple context.
The map is replaceable andthe buildings can be more defined, taking inspiration from existing buildings. Robotics can be turned on topics such as world pollution reduction and sustainability..




One day event, from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 hours.

Depending on the flow of people, we can split in groups the participants or not.


Every child can pick a building from the 5 models proposed and, using scissors and glue, he/she is guided in the three-dimensional making of it.

This building can be customized by the child with colors and lettering.

Once finished its creative robotics time, that is used as a tool to generate innovative solutions.

Once this second phase is over the child can place his/her building on the map, interacting with other children and trying to cooperate in a constructive way.



From a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 days.

Participants are split in teams and are guided by our team.


Depending on the number of days, activities can be divided in more steps, following design thinking process:

first one is the creation of the map of the ideal city, then the creation of buildings to populate it and in the end robotic comes to bring it to life.

If requested we can talk about specific topics or we can use specific technologies.

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