About us


Enrica Amplo

Enrica Amplo, a.k.a. La Tata Robotica, is a STEAM Education supporter, trying to bring children closer to engineering, robotics and coding through art, design and hands on activities. Enrica Amplo, the founder, is graduate in Mechatronic Engineering and has a master in Kids and Toys Design. She has developed a solid cross knowledge, connecting technique, education and game: she manage since more than two years workshops and classes with important Italian and foreigners partners.

Fabio Prestini

Illustrator, Graphic Designer and 3D expert, but first of all he is a Designer, with a strong passion for participatory design and co-design.

He enjoys to design, learning new skills and sharing them with the others: he believes that sharing knowledge is the only way for a better evolution.

His work floats between graphic design, illustration, product design, workshop for children and interactive installations.
He loves to work with children because they are a never ending source of ideas, because they hold the real creativity.

Giulia Poli

She applies her path between art and design in Book Design: she is involved in everything has to do with making a book, from cover to content, from concept to production.
Team and design are the keywords for her approach. She manages workshops and cultural events, starting from paper products, through the book as a container of multiple activities and medium for sharing experiences. She is fascinated by children’s opening to the world, she works to guide them with tools that let them free to express.