Paper City Creators

Paper City Creators is a digital space, linked to Paper City, where anyone feels like can download exercises, watch short classes or even have fun for a little while with Creative Robotics, Design Thinking e STEAM Education.

You can find it as playlist on our Youtube channel here and on this page you can download the tools needed to complete our exercises.

Everything will be published on our Social Media with the hashtag #papercitycreators.

When we will ask you to share with us your creations remember to use #papercitycreators because is one of the tools that technology offers us to work together on a common mission, even if we are not in the same room!

Thought to get through the Coronavirus emergency that is forcing us at home, to give everybody the opportunity to discover Paper City, to surround us of beautiful things, waiting for the moment when we will meet again with our workshops.

We hope that in this way it will be easier to believe that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT!

Enjoy #papercitycreators y'all!